Trump looking for legal ways to fund the wall is a nice change of pace

Since Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and almost all Democrats oppose giving $5 billion for the border wall, which would save the U.S taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars in the long run, I have some ideas based on things Obama did that journalists and other Democrats didn't care about.

Trump is asking his Cabinet officers to find legal ways to get the extra funds.  Obama never cared about paying for Obamacare legally.  He wanted to keep Obamacare going, so he just stole billions from funds that Congress hadn't authorized to pay for shortfalls.

He also diverted billions (meant for low income housing) from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac funds that should have gone to shareholders.  The billions that came in each year from Fannie and Freddie masked the huge deficits.  The deficit would have been even higher if the Obama administration had not confiscated all the profits of these government-sponsored entities, not actual agencies.

Obama loved to cook the books and treat federal dollars as his own to do as he pleased.

Obama also was able to come up with $1.7 billion in unmarked bills to reward the tyrants in Iran.  I am sure that money did not benefit the Iranian people.

The Obama administration also had slush funds at the EPA, the Justice Department, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to use for political purposes and to reward political supporters.

There is no end to the illegalities and scandals of the Obama administration, and yet Obama repeats that there were no scandals.  The "fact-checking" media and other Democrats don't care.

Thank goodness we have a president who wants to look for legal ways to get the funds to pay for the sensible border barrier.  People should also remember that Democrats including Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Obama all voted for a border fence back in 2006, when Democrats were trying to show how tough they were on illegal immigration with an election coming up.  Unlike Trump, they didn't care about their campaign promises and didn't fund what they voted for.

I am sure that journalists and other Democrats will be happy if Trump finds the money legally.  They certainly didn't care when Obama used so much of our money illegally.  The border wall would also go toward controlling government spending.