Trump derangement media yawn as president increases opportunities for poor, minorities

On Wednesday, President Trump signed an executive order meant to give the poor and minorities opportunities to move up the economic ladder in depressed areas of the country.  Governors from all fifty states picked the depressed areas where private money would be used. 

Journalists and other Democrats say they want to help the poor and want bipartisanship, but the story has barely been reported, and as far as I can tell, Democrat members of Congress didn't show up for the signing ceremony.  I would think the members of the Congressional Black Caucus and others who always pretend to care about the poor and minorities would have shown up for this. 

It seems that the more job openings there are, the lower minority unemployment rates go, the lower unemployment rates go for less educated adults, the more manufacturing jobs go up, the greater the effort to downplay the results.  After all, that doesn't fit the Democrat talking points, and there is always an election coming up. 

Instead, we hear a lot of talk about a coming recession in 2020, just in time for the presidential election.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday, establishing a White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council and earning the support BET founder Bob Johnson, a former Hillary Clinton supporter.

"I'm a fundamental believer that there are business solutions to social problems," he said, praising Trump for his efforts to help poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Johnson was a vocal financial supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.  CNN's Van Jones was also spotted in the crowd as his Dream Corps foundation supported the idea. 

Ever since Trump has slapped tariffs on imports in order to get China and others to play fair, the "experts" have said prices will greatly harm consumers.  On Thursday, we saw that import prices the past year were up 0.7%.  The question is, why are experts called experts when they are wrong so often?

The cost of imports fell 1.6% in November, becoming the latest inflation gauge to recede from recent highs largely due to lower oil prices.  It was the biggest decline in the import price index in more than three years.  Oil prices sank 12%.  Even if fuel is excluded, however, import prices slipped 0.3% last month.  The cost of imported food and industrial supplies also declined, the government said Thursday.  The increase in import prices over the past 12 months fell to 0.7% from 3.3%, the smallest advance since 2016. 

The media didn't have time to cover the executive order signing or other news yesterday because they were hyperventilating that President Trump had committed a major crime by using a private attorney and personal money to pay a few hundred thousand to a blackmailing porn star and a blackmailing Playboy bunny.

While claiming that President Trump is a major criminal, most journalists and other Democrats haven't given a damn about the following activity among many other things:

Hillary and the DNC paid over $10 million to create a fictitious dossier to destroy Trump's chances to win the election.  This fake dossier was then given to the media and the Justice Department to spread propaganda against Trump.  The Justice Department, intelligence agencies, the FBI, journalists, and others then colluded to spread the fake news that Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election.  President Obama's administration illegally spied on thousands and also spied on people surrounding Trump.  For two years, we have had a special prosecutor searching for nonexistent evidence that Trump colluded with Russians.  Millions have been spent destroying people who associated with Trump.  But according to journalists and other Democrats, it is Trump who is guilty.

Millions changed hands between Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to facilitate giving Russia access to uranium, but it is Trump who is guilty.

President Obama took over one billion in taxpayer dollars to give kickbacks to Iranian leaders in unmarked bills.  Thank goodness he didn't spend personal money to pay off blackmailers.  That would be serious.

Members of Congress stole millions of taxpayer money to set up an off-the-books slush fund for hush money to pay off people who accused them of abuse.  How do we know that the total was only $17 million?  The media don't seem curious.  If anyone wants to know about congressional ethics, he just needs to know that the ethics committee approved these off-the-books hush fund payments, and somehow Trump is guilty for using personal money?

Another story yesterday was how the National Enquirer paid someone $150,000 for a story and then buried the story.  If that is somehow an illegal campaign contribution, isn't it also a campaign contribution when journalists bury negative stories about Democrats and willingly report fake stories about Trump or Kavanaugh with no evidence on a continuing basis?

 Using Michael Cohen's words, journalists and other Democrats cover up the dirty deeds of Hillary, Bill, Obama, and other Democrats because of blind loyalty.  Lanny Davis, Cohen's attorney, has been covering up the dirty deeds of the Clintons for a long time because of blind loyalty.

 If anyone wants to see evidence of pure media bias, just look at what Mika Brzezinski said about Mike Pompeo.  If a journalist or media mouthpiece had called John Kerry Obama's "butt boy," how many minutes would he have lasted before being fired and having his career destroyed?  As far as I can tell, Mika is still there.

Image: Björn Rixman via Flickr.

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