The WaPo buys the anti-Israel propaganda line even in reporting signs of rapprochement between Israel and the Arabs

"The Israeli anthem breaks a sound barrier"  was the reporting in the Washington Post  of Israeli athlete Sagi Muki  who "became the first Israeli athlete to hear Israeli's national anthem played openly at a medal ceremony in an Arab country," namely, the United Arab Emirates after winning a gold medal in Judo. Kudos to the Post for reporting this historic event. The article documented past episodes of discrimination against Israelis, including Israeli athletes in Arab countries forced to "cover the Israeli flag on their uniforms with a white patch," Iranian opponents who forfeited matches telling one Israeli "your country doesn't exist, so why should I compete against you?" In the past, no Israeli flag or anthem played when Israelis won competitions in Arab venues, and more often than not, Israelis were denied entry visas to those nations. When Israelis are included in sports tournaments in the Arab world, they are...(Read Full Post)
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