Flynn sentencing memo reveals the sham that is the Mueller investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally provided his team's sentencing recommendation  for three-star general Michael Flynn.  He has acknowledged that Flynn has provided 19 separate interviews with the Mueller team.  The heavily redacted report provides no information concerning the testimony that Flynn provided.  Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the investigation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election. 

Flynn has had to sell his home to pay his legal bills during this process.  His 33-year career serving our country seems to have meant little to the prosecutors trying to get him to turn on Trump.  Although we have no direct evidence for his sudden decision last year to plead guilty and cooperate, many believe that this was done to protect his son from being prosecuted.  This is the type of prosecutorial overreach that borders on ethical violations.  It certainly makes us wonder: what is prosecutorial discretion?

Shockingly, the basis for this investigation includes citation of the Logan Act of the 19th century, limiting foreign negotiations by the general public.  Most observers believe that the transition team is not subject to this law, which has rarely been used and never successfully when challenged in court.  Unfortunately, the FBI investigators reported that they did not believe that Flynn was intentionally lying when questioned about his interaction with then-Russian ambassador Kislyak. 

The report includes recognition that he did not register when doing work for the government of Turkey.  This is usually corrected by paper changes, not prosecution.  Further, all the information that led to the inquiry was collected through government communication-gathering.  Though the government is required to minimize the mention of names of U.S. citizens, this information was leaked to damage Flynn and ultimately Trump.

So far, most of the Mueller prosecutions have been process crimes and not ones with any connection to Russian collusion.  This includes George Papadopoulos and Michael Cohen.  This makes one wonder why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein began this inquiry in the first place.  It is hard to dismiss all the unequal justice, including the questionable FISA warrant on Carter Page, begun with a phony Russian dossier.  

So now that Flynn's life has been ruined, the prosecutor recommends no jail time.  The report gives no information that would give any connection to Trump directly.  There is no effort to provide any bombshell against the Trump campaign.  For any objective observer, the only collusion with Russia with any evidence came from the Clinton campaign in hiring Fusion GPS to secure the dossier from British agent Christopher Steele. 

Now we have complaints by Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone of prosecutorial abuse, which, taken together with statements of other individuals, casts great doubt upon the sincerity of the Mueller team.  Perhaps the investigation is winding up, but some believe that Mueller will continue until Trump is out of office.  Unfortunately, Flynn could not fight any longer due to his finances. 

The shame of this whole affair is the sham that has become our Justice Department, which has degenerated to the level of a third-world nation.  Reports say Mueller is tying up loose ends.  Let us hope this will end soon for the benefit of this republic.  Now we await the Democrat committee chairs in the incoming House who have threatened further inquiries.  God help us!

Image: James Ledbetter via Flickr.