The left thumps the Bible to promote illegal immigration

The open-borders crowd is running out of arguments for unvetted, cartel-financed illegal immigration.  Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already hit bottom by bringing up Hitler.  With Godwin's Law operative now, the debate is actually over.

Leftists, however, don't take "no" for an answer, so now they're bringing up baby Jesus, which is quite a low blow, given that they're using the Savior, or God himself, as a means of promoting illegal immigration as a policy.  Can you say "inappropriate"?  A couple of instances stand out.

Start with Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, an Illinois Democrat, who made a jackass of himself bringing up the baby Jesus to advocate on the House floor for illegal immigration, his opening remarks in a congressional hearing a combination of creepily nasty personal insults and Pecksniffian piety about Jesus.  As if secularist Democrats actually liked the baby Jesus, whom they sure as heck don't like at abortion-funding time, or whenever a Nativity display is about to go up, but now, as the topic turns to illegal immigration, the topic is politically useful.  Gutiérrez sneeringly made the claim that Trump's border wall would have killed the baby Jesus as the Holy Family fled into Egypt.

C-SPAN video.

What a guy.

Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen dismissed Gutiérrez's baby-Jesus invocations "like a fly" in House testimony, as James Woods put it on Twitter, but don't expect the fake Christmas piety to go away.  According to Fox News:

[Gutiérrez] said it is ironic that Republicans would hold the hearing during the Christmas season, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Gutierrez, a Chicago Democrat, said that it is "repugnant and astonishing" that during the holiday season, migrant family separation would be a topic of importance to the GOP.

Gutierrez said that, at the time of Jesus Christ's birth, King Herod became outraged and ordered all children under two to be murdered.

"Thank God there wasn't a wall that stopped [Jesus, Mary, and Joseph] from seeking refuge in Egypt.  Thank God that wall wasn't there," he stormed.

"And, thank God [the Trump] administration [wasn't there] or He too would have perished on the 28th – on the Day of Innocence [sic: the 28th commemorates the Holy Innocents –DJB] when Herod ordered the murder[s]."

So there's no such thing as a door in Trump's border wall, and immigration and asylum-seeking must be illegally done, or there's no immigration or asylum-seeking.  One or the other: no legal immigration compromise.  Nice political straw man you got there, Luis.  How very Christmasy.

Gutiérrez also smears the baby Jesus's family as all in for ignoring immigration law.  We are talking about around the year 3 or 6 when Jesus was born.  Talk about projection for political purposes, given that there's no evidence of such activity, and in fact, there's considerable evidence to the contrary.  The Holy Family did flee into Egypt, all right – from one Roman province to another, meaning they were moving within one empire.  They certainly didn't adopt the lawless pay-the-cartels form of illegal entry, using kids as fodder to obtain a foreign government's benefit package.

Here's another one, from open-borders advocate Pope Francis, painting the innkeeper in the Bethlehem story in a tweet as effectively a bigot:

Seriously?  Even the biblical storyline is questionable on that one.  The innkeeper was hardly in a position to evict a paying customer from his hotel just because a needy family he didn't know was at his door.  What would that have done to his business, and why were the rights and feelings of the other guests not worth considering?  Yet the fact is, he didn't slam any doors on them – he went out and found them the best kind of shelter he could under the circumstances, which was a shelter for animals, but still a shelter.  He was obviously kind because he didn't turn them out into the street, dust his hands off, and shut the door, as the pope suggests.  Give that poor man credit for being put into a difficult situation and trying to help.  He sure as heck wasn't a door-slamming bigot.

As usual, the pope makes the individual the bad guy instead of the real bad guy here, which was the government, which put the census on and failed to plan for the residents' travel needs. 

Will we see more of this as illegals flood our borders and try to game our immigration laws instead of come here legally?  You can bet they will.  Just don't call this religious; it's pure crude politics.  You'd think the pope, at least, would know better.

Image credit: Screenshot from Fox News.

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