The coming Democratic implosion

The Cowboys won't play in the 2019 Super Bowl.  The Rangers are not quite ready for another postseason run.

Nevertheless, here is a prediction I am very confident about.

Someone said that Doug Schoen, former Clinton adviser and Fox News contributor, told Nancy Pelosi to rein in Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Isn't that like telling LeBron James to shut up and play basketball?  How do you stop AOC from talking when every news outlet wants to invite her to the show?

The complete and total implosion of the Democrats, especially the majority in the House, will be the story of 2019.  It may not be covered that way by CNN and MSNBC, but the towers will start falling soon.

We already see cracks in the so-called "Women's March," a phony parade that should have been called "the march of the anti-Trump women."

We hear this:

Organizers of a Women's March rally slated for Northern California next month have canceled the event, saying they were concerned that participants would have been "overwhelmingly white."

In a news release, organizers for the march in Eureka – about 270 miles north of San Francisco – said Friday the "decision was made after many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march."

"Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community," the news release continued.

Too white?

Is that crazy or what?  Isn't the country 72% white?  Or at least it was the last time I checked the population figures.

We will see the implosion over two issues: health care and the mad impulse to get Trump.

On health care, the Democrats are deeply divided between the socialized medicine crowd and a realistic wing that knows we don't have the money to do it.  Many of this "realist wing" were elected in competitive districts and have a tough re-election waiting for them in 2020.

On "getting Trump," they will find that impeachment is about "high crimes and misdemeanors," not defeating Hillary Clinton or appointing conservative judges.

By the fall of 2019, the cracks will be evident on those two issues and a few others.

The good news is that all of this craziness will convince Michael Bloomberg to run as an independent, and that will re-elect President Trump in a three-way race.  Bloomberg will be the Teddy Roosevelt of 1912 or Ross Perot of 1992, and President Trump will win 400 electoral votes.

So there is one prediction for 2019.

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