The big flinch

The French government blinked.  Or flinched, if you will.  They had to.

Three weeks of rioting did that.  But now the question is, will the harm done to the authority of the government be undone?

Frankly, it shouldn't be.

No, I am not suggesting that the rioting was "justified" – but it may have been necessary.  And far more damaging than the riots was the realization among so many everyday people in France that their government no longer represents their interests.

The trigger was a grossly high tax on gasoline, this to satisfy the green lobby – one designed to "wean" the French people off fossil fuels.

But who uses such fuels?  Who depends on automobiles to get around?

Not the elites making the decision.  They live in cities such as Paris.  No, it was the nobodies who live in the sticks.

Here we were able to elect a man whom the elites loathe – but who is making our government act again (as it used to and as it was designed to) on our behalf.

There they had to riot.

And the above mentioned "flinch" deals only with the gasoline tax.  Not all the other stuff, such as the supplanting of "French" people with those hardly recognizable as such immigrants from North Africa – people with no desire to be "French" – who only live on French soil and take the bennies that come with such.

When will the Brits riot?  (Well, apart from after losing a football match.)

When will the Swedes?

Their nations as they know it are fast disappearing.  Becoming unrecognizable.

That is no accident.  It is part of a vision where the few hold sway over the many, homogenizing them into the quiet and safe sameness that leaves the rule-makers freer and freer to make the world better and better for themselves.

That is what is behind the Mueller nonsense.  And the daily hate-fests on the networks.

To those who like this homogenized world and who hate what is happening in France, and likely about to happen elsewhere, but who also hate President Trump, consider this: it is one or the other.  People will not forever just become compliant.  Not even in Europe.  And certainly not here in the USA.