Temple U hides behind Constitution to defend anti-Semitic Marc Lamont Hill

Days ago, Marc Lamont Hill, a CNN TV commentator and rock star celebrity professor at Temple University, called for the total destruction of Israel during an address he delivered to the United Nations.  In solidarity with Palestinians, he exclaimed that Palestinians should be "free from the river to the sea."  This is not a covert dog whistle or code.  Rather, it is an overt exhortation to annihilate Israel, as Israel exists from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.  His words were ugly and chilling.  More chilling was Hill's confidence that such violent hate speech could be spewed openly and fearlessly before a global audience, unaware or uncaring of subsequent retaliation.  Thomas Lifson first alerted us to this incident on November 30.   CNN, without explanation, immediately terminated Hill's contract.  Temple University did not.  Instead, the university trotted out...(Read Full Post)