Start the new year off right! Attend the White Privilege Conference!

Come one, come all! Mark the date on your carefully inclusive, diverse and politically correct calendar.

On January 7, The Privilege Institute will hold its 20th annual White Privilege Conference in beautiful and exciting Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We need another week to be ready for registration. Thanks for your patience. Registration now opens January 07, 2019. WPC20 will be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on March 20-23, 2019. You also won't want to miss our 20th anniversary dinner celebration which will feature new music from Jasiri X and local Iowa blues legend Kevin "B.F." Burt.

In case you've forgotten, here is what we are all about:

  1. WPC is a conference that examines challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world. 

  2. It is not a conference designed to attack, degrade or beat up on white folks.

  3. It is not a conference designed to rally white supremacist groups.

  4. WPC is a conference designed to examine issues of privilege beyond skin color.  WPC is open to everyone and invites diverse perspectives to provide a comprehensive look at issues of privilege including: race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, etc. - the ways we all experience some form of privilege, and how we're all affected by that privilege.

  5. WPC attracts students, professionals, activists, parents, and community leaders/members from diverse perspectives.  WPC welcomes folks with varying levels of experience addressing issues of diversity, cultural competency, and multiculturalism.  

  6. WPC is committed to a philosophy of "understanding, respecting and connecting."

We don't want to "degrade or beat up on white folks." It just sorta, kinda works out that way sometimes. Entirely unintentional, I assure you.

We could sure use your support. If you'd like to pony up to fight (white) privilege, here's what you'll get.


Attend the conference and encourage others to attend.

In-kind donations

Consider donating pens, notebooks, folders, tote bags or other items for conference participants and/or presenters.​


Donations of any amount are tremendously appreciated.  A donation of $35.00 will provide lunch for an attendee; a donation of $240.00 will fund a conference registration.  Give online today or consider pledging a monthly gift over a specific timeline.​

Become a Community Advocate

Commit to sending at least 30 participants to the WPC from your organization and contribute time, energy, or in-kind donations and pledge to help promote the WPC in the community.  All Community Advocates will be recognized and acknowledged on the WPC website.​

Support a Student 

For each student, member, or employee that you send from your school organization, consider sponsoring a counterpart from a less affluent school or organization.​

Place a Full Page Ad in the WPC Program 

Advertise your school, business, or organization with a full page ad for $500.00​

Place a Half Page Ad in the WPC Program 

Advertise your school, business, or organization with a full page ad for $250.00​

Place an item in the WPC folders

For $200.00 from your school, business, or organization we will include one item (flyer, brochure, etc.) in the WPC folders that are distributed to all participants.

That's not all. If you're really in a mood to waste your money, you can become a "conference sustainer."

Conference Sustainers $15,000 and Above

  • Conference Registration for ten 

  • Ten tickets for the Ce-Liberation Dinner

  • Special Invite to the Founders Reception

  • Special Naming opportunities for conference activities: Youth Action Project, Ce-Liberation Dinner, Keynote Address, or Meet the Speaker & Book Signing Reception 

  • Recognition on the WPC website, conference program & Slide Show before Keynotes

  • Full exhibit space at conference

Who can resist that? Please make your check payable to "WPC Slush Fund."

For you youngsters out there, we will feature a "Youth Leadership Training" program.

   Intentional opportunities for YOUTH to learn from skilled facilitators duringYAP- Youth Action Project. Students will experience a more in-depth and internal reflection of white privilege. Students will work to connect their individual experiences to their enhanced analysis of how systems of institutional racism operate within the United States of America through:

Leadership Activities
Mastery of key terms
Ethnic affinity groups
Youth friendly film viewing with adult allies
Individual and group reflection
Regional action planning
Youth led dialogue
Arts based breakouts

You're never too young to be brainwashed.

Don't forget! January 7 is the date. (Note: All white people are welcome, but please leave your privilege at the door)

(Note: All white people are welcome but leave your privilege at the door.

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