Stand by for a wave of male prison inmates claiming to be transgender females

Two federal judges now have ruled, setting the precedent of transferring a male prison inmate to a female prison because he claims to feel that he is a woman and poses as one, and, in the current instance, has undergone surgical mutilation of his reproductive organs.  The "transgender female" is referred to as a "woman" and "she" in the following report from the Associated Press:   

A transgender woman serving a 10-year sentence in Illinois for burglary has been moved from a men's to a women's prison in what could be a first for the state, her lawyers announced today.

Deon "Strawberry" Hampton, 27, was moved after a yearlong legal battle and resistance from the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Deon "Strawberry" Hampton.  Photo credit: Illinois Department of Corrections.

The transfer was forced by a federal judge whom the AP does not wish to identify.  (Why?)  That judge evidently accepts the politically correct line that, contrary to settled science, sex is not determined by chromosomes.

The IDOC's hand was forced last month by a federal court that found Hampton had a strong case that her equal-protection rights were violated.  Her lawyers said it was only the second such ruling in the country by a federal court. ...

She was moved within the past week from an all-male prison in Dixon, in northern Illinois, to the women's Logan Correctional Center more than 100 miles away in central Illinois, her lawyers said.

I am sympathetic to this claim:

Hampton, of Chicago, requested the transfer in 2017 on grounds she'd be less vulnerable to the sexual assault, taunting and beatings she was subjected to in male prisons, according to federal lawsuits filed on her behalf by the MacArthur Justice Center and the Uptown People's Law Center in Chicago.

"Less vulnerable to the sexual assault, tainting, and beatings" well describes the situation of all inmates of women's prisons compared to male prisons.  If, God forbid, I were to be imprisoned, I'd definitely prefer to do time in a women's prison.  I'd be easy prey for the prison gangs in Y-chromosome prisons and would find no acceptance from the white Nazi gangs, nor the Hispanic or black gangs that I hear about.  I'd be raped and soon dead, I fear. notes what is obvious to anyone who watches prison movies, or merely employs common sense:

Studies show that violence is much less common in female prisons than in facilities that house male convicts.  Violence is frequent and widespread in prisons that contain male inmates, and as a result, detailed hierarchical social structures are created.  Male inmates often belong to prison gangs, in order to obtain protection and security.  In most instance, female inmates do not create this type of social structure, or partake in gang related activity. 

Women's prison is no picnic, but the conditions generally are far less threatening, less prone to inmate-on-inmate violence, and less strict.  Correctional Medical Care reports:

[M]en's prisons and women's prisons are functionally different in terms of security.  Men's prisons feature more heavily armed guards, often in greater numbers.  The barbed wire, tall walls and other prevalent and intimidating security features people are used to seeing in prisons are more commonly found in men's prisons – even minimum or medium-security facilities.  ...

The violence that occurs more commonly in men's prisons isn't strictly limited to prisoner-on-guard attacks, however.  While female inmates experience more self-harm measures than male inmates, males are more likely to form alliances within the prison walls that turn violent.  This is a prime reason that prison gangs are far more common in men's prisons than women's.

 Because of the actual differences in personalities and tendencies among inmates, prison programming can differ between men's and women's prisons.  Given that more males have violent tendencies or are incarcerated because of a violent crime, programming focusing on keeping emotions in check and rational, focused thinking are more frequently found in men's prisons.

Illinois officials are worried about this transfer:

In previous court filings, the IDOC said one concern was that Hampton would pose a risk to female inmates if moved.

they have good reason for such fears.  Luke Gittos reported in Spiked last October:

Last week, it was revealed that a male paedophile and rapist known as Karen White had been put in a women's prison, where he had gone on to sexually assault his fellow inmates.

White – or as he should be known, David Thompson – was jailed for life for rape in the early 2000s.  But he was more recently on remand for grievous bodily harm, burglary, multiple rapes and other sexual offences against women when he was placed in a women's prison, at his request.  While in prison at HMP New Hall, White grabbed one victim and showed her his erect penis.

So let's get this straight.  The women at New Hall prison were placed at direct risk by a prison system that prioriitsed [sic] White's demands over the other prisoners' safety.

That's it, exactly.

It is unfortunate that Illinois is not spending the money to appeal this case all the way to the Supreme Court, but those pensions have got to be paid for.  This gender madness has become so politically correct that lower-court federal judges accept P.C. over science.  There is at least some hope that the SCOTUS might rule that regardless of inner feelings and surgical mutilation, sex is a matter of chromosomes.

If not, we are continuing down a path that will substitute fantasy for reality, with countless victims to come.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol

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