Someone needs to be charged in migrant child's desert death, and it's not the lawmen

A seven-year-old migrant child died of shock and dehydration in Border Patrol custody last Dec. 6, and already the left is after them.  The Washington Post (hat tip: Daily Callerreports:

The child's death is likely to intensify scrutiny of detention conditions at Border Patrol stations and CBP facilities that are increasingly overwhelmed by large numbers of families seeking asylum in the United States.


The ACLU blamed "lack of accountability, and a culture of cruelty within CBP" for the girl's death.  "The fact that it took a week for this to come to light shows the need for transparency for CBP.  We call for a rigorous investigation into how this tragedy happened and serious reforms to prevent future deaths," Cynthia Pompa, advocacy manager for the ACLU Border Rights Center, said in a statement.

Oh, what garbage.  Next up, a $40-million lawsuit and some kind of taxpayer payout.

What's obnoxious here is the left's quickness to blame the Border Patrol for the actions of her father, dragging a seven-year-old through one of the world's most hostile deserts like that, and using her as a human shield to avoid immigrant detention and to partake in "catch and release."  The father was traveling with a group of 163 illegals and their human-smuggler escort, who broke into the U.S. unvetted and without authorization and turned themselves in to the lawmen in order to claim zero-fee asylum on the spot, playing the migrant game.  Either they would get it or they wouldn't get it, but the honorable mention for the father if he didn't would be to get several free years to work in the U.S. and send remittances back home before the likely deportation.  And what did he bring here?  Zero skills, no education – not even the Spanish language, let alone English – and an appetite for all that free stuff the gringos hand out.

With a prize like that on offer, yes, there are a certain number of people who would risk their children's lives with human-smugglers through one of the world's most dangerous and remote deserts, which is what went down.

If an American did that, he would be charged with child abuse, and quite a few of them already have been.  But break the law for entry, and somehow, the Border Patrol is the bad guy.

That would be the same Border Patrol that tried to save the child, offering her food and water, as she apparently seemed in decent health, with her father saying nothing to help them figure out what was going on.  It's quite possible he didn't know what was going on, either; some of these people have amazingly weak parenting skills.  Once, when I was in Los Angeles, a non-English-speaking group of likely illegal Salvadorans spilled hot chocolate all over one of their toddlers at a Starbucks and didn't seem to understand that hielo was what she needed to avoid permanent burns.  I saw that scalding hot chocolate go all over the child's delicate skin and was horrified more by that than by the toddler's screams of pain.  And they just kept trying to shut her up as she screamed.  I had to get up and tell them that hielo was muy necesario right now and went to the barista to insist that she give us some and then had to show the Salvadoran dad how to put it on the screaming child until she was able to calm herself.  I suspect that the father of this now deceased child didn't know much about a seven-year-old's need for basic hydration.

Over here, that would be child abuse, and some version of a Child Protective Services agency would be all over any American who dragged his kid through a dangerous desert, ruling such a person an unfit parent and taking the child away.

But here the "narrative" is to blame the lawmen and probably sue for big bucks.  One set of laws for them, one set for us – got it.

It also highlights the need for a border wall, something Congress refuses to fund, even as kids with parents who game the system and use its incentives put those incentives above the lives of their kids.  What the left, of course, wants, is completely open borders with no enforcement whatsoever.

It highlights is that illegal aliens are a sort of doll-toy for the left, easily manipulated in any direction by left-wingers, yet with nothing expected of them in return.  Normal people expect normal parents to treat their children humanely.  Nobody takes his seven-year-old into the dirty, dangerous, remote desert.  Normal people alert lawmen that their children are in distress in order to get them some water or whatever it is they need.  Normal people know where they are going and know the customs of the country where they are headed, particularly if they have kids.  Yet according to this press and activist narrative, it's always OK when the illegals do it.  Had the father stayed in Mexico, the Mexicans would have provided for him – as they have shown they are willing to do with the caravan migrants of Tijuana.  He ignored that just because he didn't want to wait his turn in line.

Someone needs to be arrested for child abuse in this case, and it's not the Border Patrol.