So Trump was right all along about the criminals in the caravan...

President Trump took a lot of flak from the left for warning that the migrant caravan, heading up to the U.S. from Honduras, had a lot of "stone cold criminals" in its ranks.  Here's a Nov. 26 report from USA Today to show just how insistent the left was with that "narrative":

President Donald Trump continued his attacks against a caravan of Central American immigrants [sic] Monday, describing some of them as "stone cold criminals," but his administration provided scant details to back up the president's assertion.

Trump's attempts to portray members of the caravan as criminals capped off a chaotic weekend that saw immigrants [sic] rushing the San Ysidro Port of Entry and U.S. agents responding by firing tear gas into the crowd, leaving a tense standoff that could escalate in the days to come.

Snopes, too, got into the act, tut-tutting that any mention of criminals in the caravan is just "fear-mongering, misinformation, and hoaxes":

Several caravans of migrants originating in Central America headed toward the U.S. border, although they were still hundreds of miles away in southern Mexico, proved a constant target in the U.S. for fear-mongeringmisinformation, and hoaxes in the lead-up to consequential 2018 midterm elections[.]

Well, now we know that Trump was right: there certainly were criminals in that caravan - and they haven't hesitated to provide demonstrations of what they do to the good citizens of Tijuana.  Here's a Tijuana city councilman (known as a delegate in that city) describing the scope of the caravan crime just in Tijuana:

House break-ins. A three-week school shutdown.  Filth and garbage.  Robberies galore.  Two hundred eighty arrests and counting.

Such nice people, and the left – Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, assorted archbishops and clerics, lefty activists – would like them all up here.  They'd like to bring them in ahead of legitimate immigrants and asylum-seekers, cutting the line in the criminal fashion, if not slipping under the fence and getting an asylum claim filed right then and there as others wait in Mexico or back in Honduras.

This is how criminals behave.  They lack the wherewithal to wait their turn in line as a matter of fairness and insist on cutting ahead, getting theirs, and to hell with the others.  They litter.  They steal.  They block roads.  Now 280 have proven their criminal intent by getting themselves arrested, and those are the 280 the Tijuana cops were able to catch.  The rest are still getting away with it.  Yet Democrats call it an "injustice" not to just wave them all in.  And they're still yelling about not building a fence.

The Tijuana official, like many of the people being heard from in Tijuana, are losing a lot from involuntarily hosting these crooks, courtesy of the rabid far left and their liberation-theology enablers.  The city's critical tourism industry is down, their maquiladoras – which are some of the world's best medical equipment- and oil drilling equipment-manufacturers – are facing uncertainty and higher costs on the prospect of additional border shutdowns, and their people are being robbed blind and littered on like nobody's business.

The city councilman in the Carlson report, Genaro López, sounded so reasonable, not foreign at all, a normal person who wants to live in normal place, in normal peace that all people deserve, and he's looking on in disgust as his city's efforts are crushed by the rabid left and the mainstream press.

Should anyone have to put up with this?  Should we?  Yet the left just won't stop insisting that we import them all here.  The only thing, in fact, standing between us and the large numbers of crooks in that mob are the Tijuana cops.  Trump was right about the nature of these hoods, and Democrats should be held up to shame for this outrageous scheme to inflict these criminals on all of us here.

Image credit: Grabien screen grab of Fox News report.

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