Shouldn't we investigate Obama allowing a terrorist drug-running operation instead of fictional Russian collusion?

Recently, we have seen that life expectancy has gone down significantly in the U.S. due to drug overdoses.  Isn't it time that journalists did significant reporting on how Obama stopped a years-old Justice Department investigation into drug-running by the terrorist group Hezb'allah to appease Iran?

The Islamist militant group Hezbollah exploded into a major cocaine trafficker for the United States over the past decade – and it happened under former President Barack Obama's watch to help score a nuclear deal with Iran, a report revealed Monday.

Project Cassandra, a campaign launched by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2008, found that the Iran-backed military and political organization collected $1 billion a year from money laundering, criminal activities, and drug and weapons trade, according to  Politico Over the following eight years, the agency found that Hezbollah was involved in cocaine shipments from Latin America to West Africa, as well as through Venezuela and Mexico to the United States.

The Obama administration halted Project Cassandra as it was approaching the upper echelons of Hezbollah's conspiracy in order to seal a nuclear deal with Iran, even though Hezbollah was still funneling cocaine into America. Officials at the U.S. Justice and Treasury departments delayed the project's requests to conduct relevant investigations, prosecutions and arrests.  Obama eventually helped strike the Iran deal with several other nations in 2015.

Journalists and other Democrats say that one death is too many if caused by a gun, so how many deaths are OK from terrorism, murder, and drugs to seal a deal with Iran, which pledges death to America, to enhance Obama's legacy?

Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Isn't it also time for journalists to stop pretending the Justice Department operated independently under Obama when he was able to dictatorially stop an investigation that started in 2008?

The media say they deals with facts, so why don't they fact-check Obama when he goes around regurgitating the fake claim that his administration was scandal-free?  Journalists should report about the mass corruption, perjury, law-breaking, and abuse of power.  They could start with:

  • rewarding political bundlers
  • the Obamacare lies
  • the Benghazi lies
  • dictatorially implementing DACA
  • illegally spying on thousands, including Trump and those surrounding him
  • injecting informants into Trump's campaign
  • lying to get the deal done with Iran
  • selling uranium to Russia
  • Hillary's multiple violations of security laws
  • Hillary selling access at State Department
  • Obama lying about knowing about Hillary's email
  • perjury by Clapper, Holder, Brennan, Rice, and others
  • stifling free speech rights at the IRS
  • weaponizing the Justice Department and iintelligence agencies to protect supporters and target political opponents and this drug investigation

(I am sure others can think of more scandals and examples of abuse of power.)

For the next several years and decades we will see Obama, journalists, historians, professors and others attempt to rewrite history to try to make Obama look good because they supported Obama no matter what he said or did – and it is self-serving to make it look like Obama was a great president. 

I honestly can't think of any domestic or foreign policy accomplishments that actually made the world safer or the U.S stronger and helped the economy as a whole.

Generally, I see supporters giving Obama credit for four major things:

Obama continually gets credit for bringing back the economy, but the economy came out of the recession 110 days after Obama took office – before his policies could have had any effect.  What Obama gave us was the slowest economic recovery in seventy years, despite almost zero interest rates and budget deficits totaling over $10 trillion for eight years.  The slow economy was no surprise, since Obama liked high taxes and stifling regulations.  I can't think of any Obama policies that were meant to help the private sector.  The policies focused on making the government more powerful and making more people dependent on government.

Obamacare: We were told that with Obamacare, we would be able to keep our policies and keep our doctors, that premiums would be substantially lower, and that Obamacare would lower the deficit.  Those were all intentional lies because what we got was a reduction in freedom and massively higher premiums.  The goal was always to get to a government-run system.  We could have had a much better result if Obama had just done a short bill expanding Medicaid without all the mandates, taxes, and punishment of businesses.

The Paris Climate accord: This supposed treaty was never ratified by Congress and would have further slowed the economy, would have truly punished the poor and middle class with higher expenses and would have admittedly done little to adjust temperatures or the climate if anything.

The Iran deal: Ben Rhodes admitted that the Obama administration lied through the media to get this deal done with a country that pledges death to America and Israel.  It is an unsigned deal.  Does paying over one billion in unmarked bills, giving a terrorist-sponsoring nation access to over a hundred billion dollars, and allowing a drug-running operation in the U.S. to continue give any indication that there is anything to brag about?

Facts haven't been important to journalists or historians for a long time.  The agenda and ideology are all that matters.

Some Americans, especially young people, believe that socialist policies are the way to go because such a high percentage of journalists, historians, and professors support those policies.  They do not teach about the repeated failures of socialist policies and the abuse and concentration of power that result from increasing the control of government officials.

Our freedom and prosperity are at risk if the media don't start doing their job instead of pushing an agenda.

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