Scientific American: If you like Trump, you suffer from 'antagonism'

They're at it again.  The very title of the magazine, "Scientific American," is less and less apt with nearly every issue.  Its increasingly political agenda has been on display for years.  This time, its target is populism.  The banner reads, "The Personality Trait that Is Ripping America (and the World) Apart." To be fair, the article cites some interesting science, but the conclusion is foregone and false.  It says that if you believe in smaller government; lower taxes; and less onerous regulation of your life by distant, unaccountable rulers, then you are guilty of having a destructive personality trait, that of "antagonism."  Those who are not antagonistic are labeled "agreeable." It is much better to be agreeable, is it not?  According to the article, "Agreeableness (the opposite pole of antagonism) consists of two main aspects: politeness...(Read Full Post)