Return to civility means surrender to the Democrats and media

Following the death of President George H.W. Bush, the Dems and the media have bombarded us with the phrase that we need to "return to civility."  They now praise President Bush as "civil" in contrast to President Trump, who is not "civil." President Bush was a gentleman, a war hero, and courteous and civil to his political opponents.  But his opponents, Dems and the media, were not civil to him, nor were they civil in their opposition to Bush's policies and nominees. The media must have forgotten the vicious attacks upon Bush's nominee, Justice Clarence Thomas, led by those paragons of virtue and civility, Senator Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, which attacks were worse, if possible, than the attacks by Kennedy and Biden upon Judge Robert Bork.  The media have forgotten the vicious false attacks upon Justice Kavanaugh two months ago, which surpassed the attacks on Thomas and Bork.  Civility is a one-way...(Read Full Post)
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