Return to civility means surrender to the Democrats and media

Following the death of President George H.W. Bush, the Dems and the media have bombarded us with the phrase that we need to "return to civility."  They now praise President Bush as "civil" in contrast to President Trump, who is not "civil."

President Bush was a gentleman, a war hero, and courteous and civil to his political opponents.  But his opponents, Dems and the media, were not civil to him, nor were they civil in their opposition to Bush's policies and nominees.

The media must have forgotten the vicious attacks upon Bush's nominee, Justice Clarence Thomas, led by those paragons of virtue and civility, Senator Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, which attacks were worse, if possible, than the attacks by Kennedy and Biden upon Judge Robert Bork.  The media have forgotten the vicious false attacks upon Justice Kavanaugh two months ago, which surpassed the attacks on Thomas and Bork.  Civility is a one-way street in favor of the Democrats.

In 1992, the Dems nominated a lying, draft-dodging sexual predator, assisted by his corrupt wife, and proceeded to call President Bush a wimp.  The Dems called President Bush's son, George W. Bush, stupid, evil, Hitler, a loser, etc.  The Bushes were civil in that they did not reply in kind, and to show how "civil" they are, they said they voted for Hillary Clinton instead of President Trump.  And they became friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The Dems and their cheerleaders in the media have used President Bush's death as another opportunity to attack President Trump.  President Trump is not "civil" because he fights back against the vicious attacks.  The Dems and the media prefer and praise the Bush "civility," which means the Dems and media can attack without a response. 

For example, Juan Williams, who is in a daily contest with Chris "Freddo" Cuomo for the most stupid political comments, said on the December 2, 2018 Chris Wallace Fox Sunday show that Bush was civil because he "crossed the aisle" to agree with the Dems to raise taxes.  Further, Bush was civil because he attacked the National Rifle Association after a 1994 shooting and withdrew from the NRA.  Trump has reduced tax rates and not blamed the NRA for shootings, so according to the Juan logic, Trump is not civil.

In sum, Trump is not "civil" because he replies to his opponents who viciously attack him.  Bush was civil because he raised taxes, attacked the NRA, and did not reply to those who attacked him.  The Dems and the media want to return to the "civility" where the Dems and media  attack and destroy, and Trump does not respond to the attacks.  The Dems and the media are not used to a Republican who fights back when attacked.

Trump fights back, while the "civil" Republicans lay down and took the abuse like good sports.  How dare Trump be anything but civil?

Image: AJ Guel via Flickr.