Report: Hezb'allah 'tunnel terrorist' trained with Mexican cartels on US border

Yesterday, we covered the news that Hezb'allah had been constructing tunnels from its bases in Lebanon in order to infiltrate terrorists into Israel.  There is now a report by i24 News that shows video of the tunnels that have been uncovered so far, as well as exposing the identity of a Hezb'allah terrorist caught on camera fleeing back to Lebanon.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led ambassadors on a tour of the tunnels:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led a group of ambassadors on Thursday through a tour of Israel's north, urging them to "condemn the aggression unequivocally and intensify the sanctions" against Hezbollah after Israel revealed this week a tunnel network on the Lebanese border.

The cross-border tunnels "are wider and larger, and their goal is to transfer battalions, large forces, into Israeli territory, in order to come in and carry out a killing spree and kidnappings and to capture villages," the Israeli premier stated[.] ...

Netanyahu was accompanied by ambassadors from France, Austria, Canada, Ethiopia, Brazil, Russia, EU, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Italy, Great Britain, and Poland.

The network identified the terrorist in the video below as Imad Azaladin Fahs:

On Thursday, i24NEWS revealed the identity of an Hezbollah operative caught on camera by Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) in a cross border tunnel on the Lebanese border earlier this week.

An unnamed security official told i24NEWS that the man who appeared on the video from the tunnel was Dr. Imad "Azaladin" Fahs, a commander of the Hezbollah observation unit on the border with Israel, as well as a commander in the tunnel unit.

"Azaladin" who is in his 30's, has a PhD in mechanical engineering from Tehran's University of Technology and is married with two children.  According to the security official, "Azaladin" trained with Mexican drug cartels near the United States border.

Residents in southern Lebanon received text messages from Hezbollah, presenting two options; either cooperate with Hezbollah or evacuate from the area so as not to get involved in a future war.

i24NEWS source thus disputes the claim from Hezbollah which said the two men in the tunnel were drug dealers.

The penetration by Hezb'allah into Central and South America has been well established.  For more than a decade, the Obama White House looked the other way while the terrorists established a billion-dollar criminal enterprise involving drugs and human-trafficking.  Obama was intent on getting the nuclear deal with Iran and didn't want to rock the boat.  Additionally, Hezb'allah set up terrorist training camps in Venezuela and Mexico.

We aren't told how many active Hezb'allah cells there are in the U.S., but we know they're here.  This should give some urgency to the issue of border security.  But it won't.  That's because Democrats believe that the very idea of border security is racist and "immoral."

Hezb'allah and their masters in Tehran are playing the long game, preparing for a war against the U.S. that will utilize all of their assets that have been placed in the region.  Joining forces with the drug cartels, who have long histories of infiltrating the U.S. border, is one more indication of how serious the situation is.

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