NeverTrump Peter Wehner gleefully announces desire for revenge against Trump-supporters

Trump Derangement Syndrome has always been ugly, but the release of sentencing memoranda for Michael Cohen in which allusions are made to purported Cohen crimes "directed" by "person one" (known to be Donald Trump) has unleashed visions of impeachment and conviction.  More disturbingly, there is a lust for vengeance against Trump-supporters becoming visible.  Whatever the merits of this interpretation and the likelihood of an actual indictment, the haters are excited at the prospect of not just removing Trump from office, but also wreaking vengeance upon those who supported him.

Witness this tweet from NeverTrump Peter Wehner:

I have never met, nor have I paid much attention to Wehner, so it is unlikely he is thinking of me as one of those deserving vengeance from within the "blast radius," but I do take it personally.  For the crime of supporting someone he hates, I deserve an awful "crashing down" – whatever that means.

Wehner sounds like a member of a cult denouncing a heretic who abandoned it.  What makes this vitriol even odder is Wehner's emphasis on the relevance of Christianity to politics, but the danger of harnessing it to partisan issues or governmental policy.  I am no expert on Christian theology, but I do know that Jesus urged forgiveness on individuals.  Wehner's desire for vengeance contradicts not only Jesus, but the sage advice Alan Simpson received great praise for offering during his eulogy for George H.W. Bush: "Hate corrodes the vessel which carries it."

Hat tip: Mark Levin

Photo credit: Twitter