MN Prof: Mary 'did not consent' to God impregnating her with Jesus

Is this Minnesota professor just pulling our leg, or is he serious?

Minnesota State University, Mankato psychology professor and sex therapist Dr. Eric Sprankle suggested in a couple of tweets that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was raped by God because she couldn't possibly have given her "consent."

Sprankle thinks it's a "power difference":

Does he really believe this?  Probably not.  He is making a point about the power dynamic in sexual relationships – an offensive, idiotic, and deliberately provocative point.

It's easy for him because he is, apparently, a Satanist:

Campus Reform:

Sprankle is public with his anti-religious views and endorses "secularism" in his Twitter biography.  Earlier in December, he tweeted a photo of a toy Christmas elf with his arm around a statue of what appears to be Baphomet, an occult depiction of an entity regularly associated with Satanism, according to The Church of Satan's website.

Sprankle also decorated his Christmas tree with Satanic decor, as shown in another tweet he sent this past weekend.

This is so offensive that I wonder why Twitter hasn't suspended this guy's account.  But you see, it's "offensive" only to people of faith – and the wrong faith at that.  Since being a Christian is "offensive" in and of itself to people like Sprankle, it's entirely acceptable to outrage Christians.

It certainly is a novel take on the virgin birth.  In fact, the whole point of the virgin birth is that Mary didn't have sex to begin with, so Sprankle's ridiculous construct that Mary didn't give her consent is loony.  No sex, no need for consent.

But then, how controversial would that be?  If the goal is to get a rise out of the right and achieve notoriety on Twitter while being named a hero in the faculty lounge, then Sprankle hit a home run.

Deputy editor Drew Belsky adds: Ah, the old chestnut returns.  Definitely a good one for roasting on an open fire.