Medicare kills people, and Democrats want to force everyone on it

While Bernie Sanders and other Democrats go around the country scaring seniors and others about Republicans talking about controlling entitlement costs in the future, why aren't they confronted with the fact that President Obama and the Democrats cut Medicare funding twice during Obama's eight years?

When Democrats passed Obamacare in 2010, they cut Medicare funding by over $700 billion to pretend to pay for Obamacare and say it would reduce the deficit.  Cutting Medicare at that time had to reduce the long-term viability of the program.

Then, in 2013, they cut Medicare spending again, and as a result, at least 30 long-term care facilities have closed.  I wonder why this story isn't reported widely on networks and in print.

Democrats also act as if Medicare has no limits (as they forced private health insurance to have no annual or lifetime limits), but as the article says below, Medicare cuts rates 60% to 70% in long-term care facilities if patients don't spend three days in a hospital before they go to the nursing homes.

I had a personal experience with these Medicare restrictions last summer.  I took my 91-year-old mother to the hospital in severe pain, as she had fallen.  They shot her up with morphine and other drugs to reduce the pain.  They took an X-ray, and it turned out she had a broken back.  They told me they probably couldn't admit her because a broken back wasn't a good enough reason to stay, but the main reason was that Medicare didn't want to pay for part of the rehab.

After nine days in the hospital, they sent her to a rehab facility.  After around one month in rehab, Medicare said she was good enough to go home.  Mom couldn't eat, couldn't bathe, was aspirating her food, couldn't walk, couldn't dress herself, couldn't medicate herself, couldn't go to the bathroom, and Medicare said she could go home.  They were nuts.  Ten days later, she died.

No one should believe that government-run health care is the solution.  I would always have a better chance dealing with private health insurance instead of the powerful, greedy government.

Democrats are pushing for Medicare for all, saying how wonderful it is for all Americans.  If death rates went up after Obamacare passed, and if Medicare punishes people for using too much care, is that really a good alternative?

The goal of Democrats on almost all things is government control.  Results don't matter.  It is truly a shame that most journalists just repeat Democrat talking points pushing their agenda while sometimes reporting the truth.

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