Marching to the leftist drummer

Careful scrutiny of how the left operates reveals a hierarchy.  There is a small cadre of elite leftist leaders who know the true nature of the evil they perpetrate.  This leadership is utterly self-serving and utterly cynical.  This is where you find the true psychopaths, racial eugenicists, etc.  Examples include Vladimir Lenin, Lavrentiy Beria, Heinrich Himmler, and George Soros. 

They have a praetorian guard of similarly elite true believers in the causes trundled out for consumption by the leadership.  These are intelligent, motivated, and charismatic champions of causes like environmentalism, multiculturalism, Malthusianism, etc.  These are the people who cannot psychologically afford to accept that they might be serving an untrue belief system, so they will readily and casually reveal their inconsistencies to others without being able to see them in themselves.  

And finally, the foot soldiers: These are the ones who march to the tune of whichever drummer promises the brightest utopia for the least amount of personal effort and investment.  It is these who have been cultivated to be emotionally infantile adults incapable of critical thought.  It is these who hold simplistic worldviews and decide with their emotions instead of their intellects.  They tend to believe the caricature of their enemies that has been painted for them by their leadership, but their relative proximity to actual circumstances at ground level causes them to see through the ruse occasionally.  These foot soldiers are perpetually subdivided into smaller and smaller special interest groups.  They aren't especially evil; their chief problem is unquestioning loyalty to the left's leadership. 

It is these foot soldiers whom you frequently see acting out.  They do this when they didn't get the promised prize at the bottom of their Cracker Jack box.  When encountered on the internet, these are the ones who come across as Non-Player Characters (NPCs).  It isn't just that their social programming deprived them of the capacity for critical thought – they are actively discouraged from thinking for themselves and questioning the narrative. 

The foot soldiers can be seen, when certain circumstances are present, as victims of lifelong propagandization by academia, the state, and the DMIC.  They can be reached, one at a time, through gentle effort. 

The mid-level leftists are varying degrees of complicit in the evil schemes of the elite.  These are usually intelligent people who have been partially propagandized and partially imbued with a religious faith in the tenets of the left.  They, too, can be reached, but they require a far more clever approach, and with a far lower rate of success.  They will be psychologically driven to resist your efforts, because, as Mark Twain said, "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."