Macron the macaron: The French cookie on climate change

Sometimes a Macron is just a macaron.  French president Emmanuel Macron is all smooth and sweet on the outside but air-filled inside.  His crusty distain for the French equivalents of our "deplorables" evidences his haughty airs.

By imposing higher fuel costs on the French, Macron has raised the cost of living and production primarily on the rural segment of the population, while the city-dwellers are mostly spared.  Country folks and farmers are directly impacted; city-dwellers can walk to the shop and have subsidized mass transit.

So far, the protests have ranged from violent confrontations in the streets of Paris to country-wide road blockades.  The peasants wave banners proclaiming, "Macron, stop taking us for stupid people."  Sacré bleu...the very nerve.

Funding green eco-projects by pricing diesel fuel higher is Macron's priority in the foolish claim of climate control.  Let the peasants eat a green macaron!

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