Left yells 'wolf' about Brazil's Bolsonaro as threat to press just as socialist Nicaragua actually shuts it down

Four days ago, the left was screaming bloody murder about Brazil's conservative new president, Jair Bolsonaro, as the hemisphere's biggest threat to freedom of the press, as well as democracy. The Brazilian, who's been dubbed Tropical Trump, had complained about 'fake news.' so up the howls and hullabaloo went. Here's the vaunted Columbia Journalism Review, guardian and watchdog of press freedom worldwide, laying it all out: Brazilian journalists gird for tough times under Bolsonaro Here's Reporters Without Borders, a bit earlier: Bolsonaro poses a serious threat to press freedom and democracy in Brazil Here's IFEX: Bolsonaro's arrival in Brazil: An uncertain and frightening prospect for human rights Here's a tweet with a Reuters link showing the flavor:   Dangerous development: #freedomofpress's at stake after @jairbolsonaro took over presidency in #Brazil...(Read Full Post)
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