Is the Deep State trying to tank the China trade deal, stock market, and economy before 2020?

The stock market plunged Tuesday, and with futures trading down heavily before the market opens shortly, it looks as though the market will have erased all of the gains in 2018 when trading resumes.  The development that seems to have triggered this rebuke to President Trump's boasts about the stock market was an unprecedented event: the arrest in Canada of the chief financial officer (and daughter of the founder) of Chinese electronics giant Huawei, on a warrant from the U.S. over alleged violations of the Iran embargo. David P. Goldman (also known as Spengler), writing in Asia Times, writes of the suspicions that trouble me as well: [N]ever before has the United States attempted the extraterritorial rendition of a foreign citizen – Meng [Wangzhou] is a Chinese national – in connection with sanctions violations.  It has imposed travel and banking restrictions, but seeking an arrest warrant for this is entirely...(Read Full Post)
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