Immigration: America as an 'attractive nuisance'

As a kid, I watched over the backyard fence enviously as heavy equipment began digging where the next-door neighbor's back lawn had once been.  They were putting in a swimming pool – a pool, of course, being the ultimate status symbol of our Los Angeles suburban neighborhood.

And what a swimming pool it was.  A stone waterfall, a hand-laid brick deck, lush greenery – my brother and I couldn't wait for an invitation to dive on in.  Many hot L.A. summers were spent in that pool, owing to the benevolence of neighborly neighbors.

...until a front-page L.A. Times article was printed, that was.  Turns out a homeowner was successfully sued by the parents of a child who had drowned in his backyard pool.  The child did not have permission to enter the property or the pool.  The "attractive nuisance" doctrine was the tort.  This was my first exposure to absurdity in law.  You could be punished if you simply had nice things that other people wanted.

Sure enough, more trucks came to the neighbors' house.  They began drilling and welding and putting up a black wrought iron monstrosity of a fence around that gorgeous pool, complete with a locked gate.

"Attractive nuisance."

I watch the news blame Trump and our border policy for the two immigrant children who have died while in custody.  I think to myself that Trump is the only person who is trying to unwind the executive orders and misinterpretation of our immigration laws that deal with children at the border.

A. Obama's "unaccompanied minors" immigration loophole.

B. The Democrats and the media twisting themselves into conniptions over "separating families" while in detention, regardless of the fact that this incentivizes immigrants to proffer children forward at the border – even if unrelated – due to the special consideration offered them under interpretations of current asylum law.

Obama, the Democrats, and even John Roberts are all complicit in making America an "attractive nuisance," and blame for these children's deaths ought to be ascribed accordingly.

My childhood neighbor found out that the cure for an "attractive nuisance" is a fence.

Just as Donald Trump has been saying all along.

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