Hall of shame: Advertisers sign up for boycott of Tucker Carlson for telling the truth on illegal immigration

Tucker Carlson has been peerless in his coverage of the issues raised by the caravan of Central Americans that announced its plan to storm the border and demand amnesty from within our territory, gaining automatic freedom to be released for a hearing sometime in the future, thanks to current law.

Thanks to his reporting and interviews with local officials in Tijuana, we learn that locals sound distinctly Trump-like in their anger over being besieged by:

... people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us.  They're bringing drugs.  They're bringing crime.  They're rapists.  And some, I assume, are good people."

These words, spoken by candidate Trump, are very similar to the laments in Tijuana over the crime, garbage, drug use, and other problems brought by the caravan.  But as Carlson gleefully notes, while Trump was excoriated for racism, the locals in TJ are every bit as Hispanic as any member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.  The mau-mauing of Trump as a racist can't be accomplished on them, raising awkward questions about Trump's accusers.

For generating such a powerful argument, Carlson is now being mau-maued himself, with an advertiser boycott underway.  On his program Monday, he spoke of his intent to soldier on:

Meanwhile, the people profiting from the policy don't want the rest of us to think about it too much.  Those who won't shut up get silenced.  You have seen it a million times, it happens all the time.  The enforcers scream, 'racist!' on Twitter, until everyone gets intimidated and changes the subject to the Russia investigation or some other distraction.  It's a tactic, a well-worn one.  Nobody thinks it's real.  And it won't work with this show, we are not intimidated.  We plan to say what's true until the last day.  And the truth is, unregulated mass immigration has badly hurt this country's natural landscape.  Take a trip to or southwestern deserts if you don't believe it.  Thanks to illegal immigration, huge swaths of the region are covered with garbage and waste that degrade the soil and kill wildlife. 

Update: Fox News has provided us a statement on the boycott:

Statement from FOX News 12-18-18

"We cannot and will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts from the likes of Moveon.org, Media Matters and Sleeping Giants.

Attempts were made last month to bully and terrorize Tucker and his family at their home. He is now once again being threatened via Twitter by far left activist groups with deeply political motives.

While we do not advocate boycotts, these same groups never target other broadcasters and operate under a grossly hypocritical double standard given their intolerance to all opposing points of view."

HuffPost seems to approve of the boycott and repeats the common distortion of conflating illegal aliens with immigrants.  But it usefully provides a list of advertisers trying to silence Carlson for me – and maybe you –  to boycott.  Go and read the whole thing, but here are numbers one through three:

1) Pacific Life

Life insurer Pacific Life tweeted on Friday that it strongly disagrees with Carlson's comments and would stop advertising on his show "as we re-evaluate our relationship with his program."

2) Bowflex

On Monday a spokesperson for Bowflex said in a statement to HuffPost: "We can confirm that Nautilus, Inc., parent company for Bowflex, has pulled its ads from the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.  We buy media broadly across many news networks, and do not target ads based on specific programs or hosts.  However, we have requested that Fox News remove our ads from airing in conjunction with Tucker Carlson Tonight in the future.  Aside from our decision to remove our ads from his show, we have no other association or affiliation with Mr. Carlson."

3) Indeed

The self-proclaimed world's top job site told HuffPost on Monday that it stopped advertising on Carlson's show "over a month" ago and has "no plans to advertise on this program in the future."

"As a company, we are nonpartisan – our site is for everyone, regardless of background or beliefs," Indeed said in a statement.  "Indeed has not advertised on the Tucker Carlson Tonight program in over a month, and has no plans to do so in the future."