FBI raid on Chicago alderman Burke said to have nothing to do with Trump

At a moment in history when practically everything bad is supposed to be about Trump, it was natural that the FBI raid on Chicago alderman Eddie Burke was suspected of being related to his work representing Trump's Chicago properties for permitting and tax treatment.  But the Chicago Sun-Times, no conservative rag, tells us that isn't the case.

Alderman Burke's office windows papered over by FBI during raid (ABC 7 via YouTube screen grab).

... the powerful 14th Ward alderman was Trump's lead lawyer for years in challenging property-tax assessments for his downtown skyscraper, Trump Tower Chicago, and Cook County's property tax system is widely believed to favor the rich.

But trust us.  It ain't that. ...

[I]t's abundantly clear the feds aren't looking into Burke because of Trump.  At least not for now.


• The investigation is being handled by the public corruption squad of the Chicago FBI office, not by investigators for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

• Federal agents raided both Burke's City Hall office and his ward office, indicating the investigation involves a city government deal.  Had they been interested in Trump's relationship with Burke, they would have hit up Burke's law office, where attorneys who handled property taxes for Trump Tower Chicago most likely keep their records.

• Sun-Times reporting so far indicates there's no presence of Trump in the Burke probe.

Chicago, after all, is a one-party Democrat polity, and one not known for spotless political ethics.

If Trump is not implicated, you can expect the national media to find this less newsworthy.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel refuses to speculate on the meaning of the raid.