Remember when hysterical Dems threatened a gov't shutdown over abortion funding?

Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, are throwing a hissy fit and claiming President Trump is throwing a temper tantrum because he wants money to enforce laws that Congress passed.  Democrats overwhelmingly voted for border security in 2006, when they were trying to retake the House, but after they took over government they showed they didn't mean what they promised because they never funded it.

Sulking during the Oval Office meeting, 12-11-18. (CBS screen grab via YouTube.)

There is no doubt that almost all the media will blame Trump for the Democrat stubbornness, because that is what they always do.

In 2015, Democrats threw a temper tantrum and threatened to shut down government if they didn't get their special interest group (not a government agency) Planned Parenthood $500 million in taxpayer money.  Isn't that amazing – threatening to shut down government for funding a non-government agency?

Senate Democratic leaders declare again they will block any bill that defunds Planned Parenthood, even if that bill funds the government.  They calculate that voters will blame Republicans for the shutdown, as polls show they did after the government shutdown over Obamacare two years ago and as polls suggest would again be the case.

It is no surprise that the public continually blames Republicans because the sycophant media always take the side of Democrats and repeat over and over again that it is the Republicans' fault.

President Trump clashed with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over funding for Trump's border wall Tuesday in an acrimonious Oval Office encounter played out live with cameras rolling.

With a partial government shutdown looming at the end of next week, the three leaders argued over Trump's demand that taxpayers must pay for a wall along the Mexico border or he will shut down part of the government.

They pointed fingers and interrupted each other and disagreed repeatedly about politics and policy.

"Elections have consequences, Mr. President," Schumer said to Trump toward the end of the nearly 20-minute sparring match.

One comment that was especially rich was Chuck Schumer saying elections have consequences.  Not once has Schumer cared that Trump won the presidency in 2016, but now that Democrats have taken over the House, he pretends Democrats have control of the government.

Last week, we got to see the media and other Democrats pretend they loved George H.W. Bush when he was in office.  The truth is that when Bush nominated Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court, he and Thomas were treated no better than Trump and Kavanaugh.  The race of the candidate made no difference.  They will always seek to destroy candidates they are afraid will tilt the court.

For the next two years, we will see the media circus pretend Pelosi and Schumer are willing to compromise and blame Trump for the lack of bipartisanship.  There was also little in Obama's eight years that indicated he wanted to bring the parties together.  When he couldn't get something done through Congress, he just dictatorially implemented it as with DACA.  He also pretended that the Paris Climate Accord was a done deal even though he did not take that to Congress, either.  That was just too inconvenient.

I hope the Republicans are able to recognize the tactics of journalists and other Democrats because the agenda and tactics are always the same.

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