Dems offering $1.3 billion for 'border security' but nothing for the wall

Donald Trump will meet with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to discuss a spending bill to fund about 25% of the government through September 30, 2019. Before the election in November, Trump had signed off on a spending package that funded the Pentagon and most other federal agencies.  But spending for Homeland Security, Agriculture, and HUD is currently being funded by a continuing resolution that expires December 21.  If no agreement is reached by then, there will be at least a partial government shutdown. The biggest stumbling block is funding for Trump's border wall.  Trump wants $5 billion to begin construction, while Democrats are willing to give him $1.3 billion for "border security," which would not include any funds for the president's "immoral" wall, according to Pelosi. There are other issues as well.  Reform of the SNAP program funded by the Agriculture Department and...(Read Full Post)
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