Democrats keep being wrong and keep demanding we believe them

For decades, journalists and other Democrats have played the race card and sex card in elections because they can't win based on their policies.  For the last few years, they have added the Russian card to their hand to play tricks on the public.  We knew that the Russian card has been played in the presidential election, but on Thursday, I saw that they also played it in the special election in Alabama in 2017.

It starts off with a story that shows up at the Washington Post after decades of Roy Moore running for office – that Moore pursued young girls.  Democrats had little chance to win this Senate seat, but all of a sudden, after Moore won the primary and after Republicans couldn't replace him, this story shows up – not at an Alabama newspaper, but in the hands of a national Democrat-supporting newspaper.  With no actual evidence, this story was run throughout the U.S continuously to destroy Moore.  It worked.

As insurance, Democrat operatives flooded social networks pretending to be Russians.  With no actual evidence, media outlets said Russians wanted Moore in the Senate.

A group of tech experts working as Democratic operatives were paid $100,000 to orchestrate an elaborate "false flag" disinformation campaign during the hotly contested 2017 special election between Roy Moore and Democratic Sen. Doug Jones. 

The group, funded by liberal billionaire Reid Hoffman, created over 1,000 Russian-language Twitter accounts that followed Roy Moore overnight in order to link the embattled Republican candidate to Russian influence campaigns, according to a Wednesday report in the New York Times. ...

Democrats involved in the scheme have likened it to fighting fire with fire. 

Robert Mueller indicts a total of thirteen Russians and Russian businesses, spreading the news widely that they had attempted to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.  Mueller fully expected that none of these people or businesses would show up, so the Justice Department wouldn't have to actually show evidence to support the claim.

Heaven forbid, one of the defendants showed up and demanded a trial and wanted to see the evidence, and Mueller wouldn't provide it.  When the government charges someone, shouldn't it be prepared immediately to at least show the person they charge what it has?

The playbook is always the same but has different variations.

No matter how much Trump helps minorities and women move up the economic ladder and no matter how many immigrants are let in each year, journalists and other Democrats just repeat over and over again that Trump is a racist, xenophobe, and sexist and say how divisive he is.

The DNC won't let anyone in government see their computers, but we are told over and over again that Russians hacked them with no evidence.

There never has been any actual evidence of Russian collusion with Trump, but that is repeated over and over again as if it were absolutely true.

Without evidence, we were told over and over again how Brett Kavanaugh abused women.

No matter how many times experts flip and flop between warming and cooling, and no matter how many times they adjust numbers when their predictions don't match the actual climate, we are told over and over that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels are causing warming and the science is settled.

No matter how good the economic statistics, we are told over and over again that a recession is coming up to discourage Americans and to lower Trump's approval.  Never mind that many of these same people said the economy could never grow this fast and that Trump's policies would have crashed the economy by now.

It is a shame so many are influenced so much by Democrat propaganda, pushed by complicit journalists.

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