Cuban baseball before it became another tool of the state

As we hear Senator Rubio call on President Trump to reject the new MLB proposal with the Castro regime, we remember that professional baseball began in Cuba this month in 1878. This is what Senator Rubio said:  "Legality of recent agreement between MLB & Cuban Baseball Federation rests on Obama era ruling that federation not controlled by Cuban govt. This is not just factually incorrect it is a farce & I am working to get it overruled as soon as possible," he tweeted. Cuban Baseball Federation not controlled by the communist regime?  What were they thinking during the Obama administration?  Everything in Cuba, and specially baseball, is run by the state. Back to history, the first professional game was between Habana and Almendares, the two teams that would be great rivals until Castro dissolved the league after the 1960-61 season. The league had four teams in the 1950s: Habana, Almendares,...(Read Full Post)
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