Conservative journalist Bre Payton's shock H1N1 death shows just how little the local press is reporting

Bre Payton, 26, a talented writer for The Federalist and a Fox News commentator, has shockingly died. It happened yesterday in San Diego, the result of H1N1, commonly known as swine flu. Payton was fine two days ago, and all of a sudden she was in a coma, one she didn't make it out of. I didn't know her, but nobody should die like that, not even someone with a more advanced age or less-rightward politics. Twenty-six, and suddenly gone. I feel such sympathy for those who knew and loved her, because this is awful news. It made me want to make some kind of sense of how this could happen. I wanted to look up what might be going on here since I live here, very likely in the same district she died in, given that she was apparently visiting her friend Morgan Murtaugh, the Republican candidate I voted for in the midterms since this is my district. Googling "San Diego," "swine flu" and "-Payton" to see what the news was...(Read Full Post)
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