Comey ducks question about his memos leaking classified information, turns away

Following his closed-door testimony yesterday, James Comey held an impromptu eight-minute news conference to spin the media with his attacks on Trump, Republicans, and even Fox News.  I found his smug self-righteousness nauseating, to be blunt.  If you want to watch the whole thing, I have embedded MSNBC's video at the bottom of this blog post. But first, take a look at how he handled the one probing question that (of course) came from Catherine Herridge.  She asked if there was any "spill" of classified information from his leak. Comey's response: "I'm not gonna talk about something like that." Then he turned away from Herridge with a grim smile; closed his eyes briefly; and moved on, asking for another question.  Nobody in the press corps tried to follow up. YouTube screen grab. Here is the exchange with Herridge: Here is the entire media availability: Hat tip: The Right Scoop(Read Full Post)
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