Brit Hume delivers devastating slap-down to Trump-hating lefty Soledad O’Brien

It is now an established practice in roughly 90% of the American media that anything that President Trump does is wrong, and usually an outrage. Thus, when he and Melania flew to Iraq and Germany for a post-Christmas visit to the troops deployed there, it had to be bad, a transparently craven reaction to criticisms that had started appearing in lefty media that he had not yet visited troops in a war zone – as all his recent predecessors had done -- as his first term in office neared its halfway point.

Brit Hume, the senior commentator at Fox News, and a man who has seen it all in the DC swamp over the last several decades, was not an early Trump supporter, but over the last couple of years, seems to have had his fill of TDS-addled media figures hyperventilating about everything Trump does.

Soledad O’Brien has not been around the media as long as Brit Hume, but her background includes stints at a number of the major Trump-hating broadcast outlets, including MSNBC, CNN (where she anchored the morning show Starting Point) and HBO. Now she runs a company called Starfish Media Group, whose website describes its role as writing material for corporate and nonprofit clients to make them look good (my paraphrasing of this):

Starfish Media Group partners with some of the world’s leading brands, agencies, non-profit groups, and organizations to produce non-fiction programming, profiles, and stories that resonate with global audiences across multiple platforms. Our clients rely on our journalism and storytelling to amplify their brand messages, and together, we create memorable campaigns.

[Cough!] If it is written at the behest of the subject who is paying you, it ain't properly called "journalism." The charitable term is "PR" and less charitable ones include "propaganda" and "flackery" among others. 

Ms. O’Brien had the bad idea of responding to a tweet from Hume making fun of former star Alyssa Milano (hat tip: Don Surber)

Not having made a fool of herself sufficiently, she had the even worse idea of attempting a riposte, showing off her Harvard vocabulary, calling him an "a**hole."  It did not end well for her:

I notice that Fox Nation, the online subscription service that debuted recently is featuring Brit Hume as one of its attractions. If they were to give him an hour a day of commentary, I’d be tempted to subscribe.


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