Blasey-Ford's scared little girl voice has disappeared in first public statement since her Senate testimony

When Professor Christine Blasey-Ford testified against the Supreme Court nomination of then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, my very first impression was that her voice sounded fake.  She sounded like a scared little girl, her voice tremulous, creating an impression of sadness and vulnerability – just the thing to create sympathy.  I immediately wondered if this was some sort of act, or if her mental state was somehow altered for her performance on national television.  As a former professor myself, I wondered how on Earth she could command a classroom with that scared little girl voice.

Cropped fromYouTube screen grab.

For the first time since her testimony, we now have the opportunity to hear her voice, and guess what!  She doesn't sound at all like the witness whose fear and suffering moved so many Democrats and feminists.  She sounds like a grown-up, a professor, indeed.  

Compare her opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee...

...with this video introduction she offered for Sports Illustrated's "Inspiration of the Year" award:

Why it’s almost like two different people! Multiple personality disorder?  Hypnosis?  Acting?

I bet she'd just say it was stress.

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