Barf alert: CNN's Brooke Baldwin embarrasses herself with Ruth Bader Ginsburg idolatry

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being beatified by the media establishment of the United States, and it is getting nauseating.  With Justice Ginsburg ailing and liberals fearing that the Supreme Court may soon feature a robust conservative majority, the American left is aghast at the prospect of a return to following the Constitution as written.  Having achieved many of its social change goals through judicial fiat, the loss of a progressive majority able to impose its preferences on the public is downright frightening to leftists. One response is to enshrine Justice Ginsburg as some kind of holy person, someone whose decisions must be honored as sacred.  The idea of the Senate confirming a justice who might disagree with Ginsburg must become anathema.  Having failed to derail Justice Kavanaugh's appointment with scurrilous accusations unsupported by any evidence, my guess is that in their place, the strategy will switch to shaming any...(Read Full Post)
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