Ballot-harvesting, not just for California anymore...

California looks like a lost cause for Republicans, given how Democrats clinched the midterm with a series of new laws.  Maybe no big deal, given that California has been a solid blue state for something like 20 years.  But are Americans aware of the potential for California vote-rigging to come to their states, making them so blue that no conservative will ever be able to win an election?

A California political operative, Edward Ring, writing in American Greatness, lays out the coming spectacle:

Come to California to see what's going to roll out across America in time to guarantee a progressive landslide in 2020.  It may be perfectly legal.  But it's so rigged it would make Boss Tweed blush. ...

The way they did this was to pass laws designed to rig the system.

Three laws in particular combined to stack the deck against Republicans.  First came the Motor Voter law.  This meant that as soon as any California resident acquired or renewed his driver's license or state ID, he would be registered to vote automatically.  Second, the state legislature authorized counties automatically to send absentee ballots to voters, even if they had not requested those ballots.  Third, the rules governing ballot custody were changed so that anyone could turn in absentee ballots, not just the actual voter.

The opportunities presented by these three laws were fully exploited by Democrats.

Ring warns that Democratic legislatures in states that went all blue in the last midterm – Democrats picked up six new houses and several governorships – were watching California very closely.  They want what California has and are likely to pass the three laws California did to seal their permanent power entrenchment: Motor Voter laws that register voters whether they like it or not, absentee ballots mailed to voters whether they like it or not, and ballot-harvesting with no chain of custody by absolutely anyone.

Democrats are salivating in other states to put these measures through, Ring notes.  They made gains in the last election, with six new legislative houses and several governorships, and now completely control 14 statehouses, including governor and upper and lower houses, so those states are likely to see the same kind of electoral rigging as California, via new laws.

Maine is going to get it.  Washington is going to get it.  Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico are going to get it.  So are Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island.  Some, such as Washington and Colorado, likely already have at least some of it, according to various posts on Twitter.

There are 11 more states with partial Democratic control, either through the state Senate or state lower House, or else its governorship.  Some, such as Michigan, probably don't have that much to worry about, given that the state elected a moderate Democrat as governor with a Republican legislature.  But others could come close, particularly if one house or gubernatorial chair flips, or if a GOP governor either is a RINO or can be muscled.  Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Maryland, and Massachusetts are worth watching for the next tier of Democrat moves to rig absolute control.

What it shows is that statehouses are important because they set election laws.  If the state is run by Democrats, rest assured they will take every advantage to secure absolute power.  What's needed now is a concerted Republican counterattack, not to secure absolute power, as the Democrats have done, but to secure free and fair elections from a willing electorate.  That's what's in danger now, and Ring warns that it could flip the nation solid blue and roach-motel secure very, very quickly.  Ring's piece is well worth reading. Read the whole thing.

Image credit: David Wright via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.