After DNA test, even Elizabeth Warren's fellow Democrats have got the willies over her

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is running for president, and she's not quite getting the response she thought she would, even from her fellow leftists.

According to the New York Times, "Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound."

Here, the Boston Globe's editorial page recommended that she wise up and not run: "Deval Patrick knew when to call it quits on a presidential bid. Other politicians take note."

Memo to Liz: That's your establishment.

Fox News, of course, has fun with the whole thing, but we don't have to count that outlet.

Seems the fake Indian scandal is sticking to Warren, and pretty much defining her, enough for Democrats to get the willies.  Her DNA test, supposedly to Get Trump on his taunts that she's a fake Indian, were released in a hamfisted time ahead of midterms, and more important for her, revealed that she may be as little as 1,024th Indian, less than the average American.  That's what's going on, and why the Times chose to highlight the issue by quoting Democrat operatives.

Here's a random tweet that demonstrates the real flavor of what's going on out there, not the prissy Times version:

It gets at the heart of what is really going on.  It's not so much the fake Indian claims that bother people; it's the fact that she used the fake Indian claims for personal gain, an obvious maneuver to use the ethnic card to get a leg up on her competition, white as well as Indian, to get that fancy post at Harvard Law.

And the fact that everyone knows about it is a threat to the entire affirmative action system, which Democrats depend on as a pillar of their establishment and pretense to rule.  Republicans don't even believe in affirmative action; they favor public schools with actual standards and everyone out here being given an equal opportunity to succeed.  Democrats believe in counting colors, not looking at merit, which is why they prefer the color slot-based system, race-counting, as their means of calling for success.  The corruption potential of it is amazing, given that the Native American slot is going to be a lot harder to fill than the white slot.  And Warren embodies it.

That indeed is a threat and why Democrats would rather she just went away.  They've got candidates – dozens of them, everyone from Howie Schultz of Starbucks to Spartacus Cory Booker – waiting in the wings.  Warren's age, her being a Massachusetts Democrat, and her left-wing extremism all work against her.  But her gaming of the system really seems to do her in, because it makes voters think they've been suckers for not gaming it as she did.  That raises questions about the whole corrupt system and amounts to poison at the ballot box.

No wonder they want her out of there.

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