Did Trump really lose?

Someone apparently caught Mrs. Pelosi dancing at a bar.  She thinks that she won over the wall.  Let the lady dance, because no one on her side is really going be in a mood for dancing when he looks back at all of this in a few months.

Let me add that reports of President Trump's defeat over wall funding are premature, indeed.

First of all, will President Trump fund the wall?  Yes, he will.  Who really cares where the money comes from?  In other words, will anyone voting for re-election for 2020 care about the source for funding of the wall?  It will be more a case of "promise made, promise kept"!

Let's look at the Democrats.  They've just traded away their best "leverage" to get anything done.  Pelosi and Schumer could have asked for so much in exchange for wall funding, from a new DACA to even the legalization of people already here.

They had the leverage but decided to play resistance again.  I guess someone forgot to tell them they'll run the House soon.

Looking ahead, the Democrats will now have to negotiate DACA or anything else on an up-and-down basis.  They have no leverage.

I wonder how happy all of those voters are going to be when they have nothing to show for their House majority!

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