WWIII is a predominantly economic war, as of now

China has been winning an economic war with America for decades.  Unfair currency maneuvers, tariffs, stealing of technology and intellectual property, and tariff-like burdens have been China's war machine against America for a long time.  Such economic victories over America have enabled the Chinese to build up their military might through their unfair accumulation of wealth.

Europe has taken advantage of America's generosity in funding too much of NATO expenses, too much of U.N. expenses, and our military nuclear power stick against Russia.  Enough is enough!  France's own people finally are recognizing the folly of socialism's focus of economic power on the elite political leadership.

Europe disrespects and won't fully support our bold hard line against Iran's overt hatred of America and Western values.  They also cheat about backing sanctions against N. Korea.  They try to hide behind some vague anti- nationalist "globalist patriotism," which is really, at its core, their economic advantage-seeking.  European political leaders seem blind with denial about Iranian religious fascism; Chinese communist economic aggression; and the social, political, and economic dangers involved with immigration as an economic threat to Western democracies.

The so-called "caravan" from Central America is in essence a left-wing liberal, neo-Marxist, and neo-socialist economic political invading army.  Socialist "caravan" organizers hide behind naïve, innocent asylum-seekers, and women and children, in a way analogous to Saddam Hussein's use of innocent civilians as human shields before his fall from power in Iraq.  Duped migrant political foot soldiers carry flags of their countries like an invading economic army.  They stir empathy among good-hearted Americans but throw rocks, punches, and insults and break the law when they don't get their way.  It is highly suspicious who supports them economically.  Demonstrably, gangs, human-traffickers, political operatives, terrorists, and criminals hide among innocent, naïve, or complicit migrants.

Wake up, America!  Especially liberal Democrat politicians.  Currently, World War III involves Marxist, fascist, socialist ideologies versus Western political capitalist ideologies and values.  Communist China uses bad economic acquisitive trade deals, not bullets, missiles, and overt military action, yet!  The Central American economic migrant army is yet another form of economic warfare unless America and other Western democracies implement effective immigration policies that ensure national sovereignty.

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