‘Women don’t lie’ meme in ruins as Grassley refers a confessed liar Kavanaugh accuser for prosecution

The exaggerated deference and respect afforded to Professor Christine Blasey-Ford when testifying to her completely uncorroborated charge that Bret Kavanaugh attempted to rape her during high school was mostly based on the contention that “women don’t lie” about such matters. The notion that political opposition could motivate a bogus charge of sexual assault was dismissed as so offensive as to brand the person raising the possibility as nearly as bad a s a rapist. Except that another accuser of Justice Kavanaugh has admitted to making up a bogus charge out of political motives. That’s news that Trump-haters want to ignore, but fortunately Senator Chuck Grassley has just referred that accuser to the Justice Department for prosecution for lying, so the story won’t die. Given the fact that the perp has confessed, a plea deal is likely, assuming the DoJ decides to prosecute (as it should but is not guaranteed to do). Matt Richardson reports for Fox...(Read Full Post)
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