What's the point of citizenship Anymore?

Turn on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or any of the other alphabet mainstream networks on any given day, and you'll start to wonder what the point is of being a legal citizen in the U.S. anymore.

Mainstream media have been clamoring for open borders ever since Trump entered the White House.  Now places like San Francisco want to give illegal aliens the right to vote in our elections.

What's the point of citizenship if your vote is canceled out by the vote of an illegal alien?

And that's only part of the bigger immigration picture we're facing in our nation right now.

Seriously, when did things go wrong?  How did we get here?

Let's take a look.

Times Sure Have Changed

Being a legal citizen in the U.S. used to come with special permissions not granted to illegals.  Now, instead of being deported, it seems that all an illegal needs to do is shout "racist!," and we'll give him sanctuary and whatever he wants.

The truth is, there's nothing racist about expecting a foreigner to go through the legal immigration process in order to attain citizenship.  Try moving to another country illegally, and see how that works out for you.

The U.S. still has one of the simplest legal citizenship processes anywhere in the world.  Is it too much to ask a foreigner to do here what he would need to do in most other developed countries in the world?

Illegal Aliens and Taxes

There has been a recent push by the mainstream media claiming that illegal aliens pay around $10-12 billion a year in U.S. federal taxes.  While some certainly do find a way to pay their fair share, this statistic is misleading.

The truth is that illegal workers displace legal American workers (all of whom would be paying taxes), and overall, this imposes a $30-billion annual cost in lost tax revenues.

But we shouldn't let the facts get in the way of the mainstream narrative, right?

So what's the point of citizenship when we are all required to pay taxes and illegal aliens can pick and choose if they want to pay or not?  Do we really trust people who snuck into our country illegally to now "do the right thing"?

Sanctuary Cities

You've probably heard of sanctuary cities.  But you may not know how much power their laws and ordinances give to illegals who live in them.  Simply put, they are given rights that most legal U.S. citizens could never dream of having, like protection from the law and hiding their criminal backgrounds.

To learn how these sanctuary cities work out for legal citizens in the long run, we need to look no farther than Europe or Canada.

Giving illegals more rights and protections than legal citizens is a recipe for disaster in any civilized nation.

Globalism Is the Goal – and Must Be Stopped

Far-left-wing socialists like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Andrew Gillum dream of a world with completely open borders.  Nationalism is evil, and globalism is the future, they believe.

What's scary is that a lot of Millennials are buying into this ideology without realizing the depths we'll sink to as a society if all borders are torn down.

In this world, whoever wants in gets in.  Such people won't need to be documented, there will be no criminal background checks, and we'll just all hope for the best.

The truth is, strong borders are needed for national security and the safety of us all.  Not every illegal alien is bad, but making it easy for the bad ones to come in will not end well.

Where Do We Go From Here?

In recent days, President Trump has doubled down on immigration laws.  Simultaneously, the left has doubled down on open borders.  With the midterms only days away, make sure you cast your vote for candidates that believe in strong borders and promote legal immigration.

Without enforcing our immigration laws, there will be no point of citizenship anymore.

The future of our nation depends on what we do right now.