Vox co-founder Matthew Yglesias blames Tucker Carlson for the mob that attacked his home

We are on a knife’s edge, facing the very real possibility that organized violence could end the free speech rights that are essential to a representative republic. When Weimar Germany was unwilling to clamp down on the use of violent intimidation, the result was a Nazi regime. The lust for power that animates many on the Left is finding expression now in the United States in the use of violent intimidation tactics to silence opposition. To their eternal shame, people in positions of prominence, responsibility, and power [Maxine Waters is the most out and proud], are egging on violence-prone followers, and far too few grown-ups are censing this slide toward the rule of violence replacing our representative republic. While a number progressives have spoken out against the mob that terrorized Tucker Carlson’s wife when she was alone in the Northwest DC house, other people who should know better are throwing their support behind the mob. Matthew Yglesias, the...(Read Full Post)
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