Venezuela belongs on the state-sponsor of terror list

The U.S. has pretty much tried everything it could to dislodge the corrupt, brutal socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. One thing it hasn't, though, is putting Venezuela on the state sponsors of terror list, which would be easy to do, given that it actually fits the ticket. Does it issue passports to terrorists affiliated with Iran, Hezbollah and others from among the Mideast's gamiest players? Sure does. Does it succor these people and provide them a safe landing pad any time they are in the regional neighborhood? It rolls out the welcome mat. Has it allowed vast swathes of its country to be taken over by the Castro-founded Colombian guerrilla group known as ELN? A recent report says that more than half the country is controlled by these inhuman thugs. Has it succored Colombian terrorist group FARC? Yep. And the Spanish Basque terrorist minions, too. The whole creepiness of the Venezuelan regime runs the gamut of terror-sponsorship, and oh,...(Read Full Post)
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