UW mandates diversity training after professor pens article on 'sex differences'

Administrators at the University of Washington-Seattle gave in to student radicals and have initiated diversity training in the computer sciences department. This, in and of itself, would not be news. But the reason why the decision to initiate the diversity training was made and what the sessions will be about will cause a few jaws to drop among more rational, reasonable people.

The story begins  when UW-Seattle Professor Stuart Reges published “Why Women Don’t Code” for Quillette last June. The title of the article was, as the professor admits, "hyperbolic." He was simply pointing out the fact that women are less interested in computer science than men. The reasons are fundamental to their gender; "men tend to want to work alone and with numbers, while women are more people oriented." Still, Reges has taught hundreds of women to code and was simply stating the facts in his article.

Big mistake. The gender Nazis pounced on that and petitioned the school to address the "gender harrassment" in the computer science department.

PJ Media:

From now on, UW will provide “intersectional diversity and sexual harassment training to both [student employees] and [the professors who supervise them]” which all students and professors will be highly encouraged to attend.

Additionally, going forward, “a group of mostly senior faculty will review the introductory programming courses to ensure that they are inclusive of students from all backgrounds.” To be fair, it’s unclear what this means.

How will professors make coding classes more “inclusive of students from all backgrounds”? Will they mandate textbooks feature more racial and gender minorities?

When asked by PJ Media, UW spokesman Victor Balta said that nearly every aspect of 100-level computer science courses will be inspected to ensure they promote inclusivity. This includes “curriculum, organization, programming language and environment, teaching methods and techniques, new devices… as well as ensuring that our gateway courses are attractive and welcoming to the broadest group of students.”

How does "programming language" discriminate against gender to the point it must be "inspected" to ensure "inclusivity"? 

Of course, the school has several employees who are paid real money to examine these courses for transgressions against political correctness. But, as Reges points out, there is a real danger not just to academic freedom, but freedom of thought:

In a Thursday interview with PJ Media, Reges took umbrage at the constant insinuation by students over the past few months that his Quillette memo amounts to “gender harassment.”’

“The graduate students are claiming that by merely discussing ideas they dislike that I have committed gender harassment,” Reges told PJ Media, noting that it is legally considered a “form of sexual harassment.”

“This would be an alarming precedent to establish,” he added.

Reges also finds it unfortunate that the university settled the issue without challenging students’ claim that my [writings] constitute gender harassment.”

“If we can't have free and open discussion on topics like these, we have no hope of combating tribalism and finding common ground.”

Silly professor. He's missing the point. These people don't want, expect, or need "an open discussion of topics." They want to promote tribalism. They don't want to find common ground. It's quite simple; you will think exactly as they tell you to think or you will be reprogrammed through "diversity training."

It's all for your own good, of course. They have nothing but the most honorable and moral intentions. Just ask them.

I keep wondering if we'll ever reach a tipping point where this nonsense will be curtailed or eliminated. Sadly, the only way the madness will end is if parents take a hand and not enroll their children in these incubators of authoritarianism. 

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