The old incompetence is back: Caravan border chargers look set to get off scot-free

Is it business as usual among the Border Patrol? Are we seeing the same old incompetence that seems to be all about enabling and encouraging illegal immigration? Are the Obama Years back.

How else to explain this one in the news from the Associated Press?

SAN DIEGO (AP) — No criminal charges will be filed against any of the 42 people associated with a caravan of Central American migrants who were arrested in a clash that ended with U.S. authorities firing tear gas into Mexico to counter rock throwers, The Associated Press has learned.

The decision not to prosecute came despite President Donald Trump’s vow that the U.S. will not tolerate lawlessness and after extensive preparations were made for the caravan, including deployment of thousands of active-duty troops to the border.

These 42 are the people who charged the U.S. border illegally because they didn't want to wait in line to apply for asylum like normal people do, and who provoked the use of tear gas (on other borders, the response to invasion is bullets) by the lawmen, putting their kids out there as human shields to ensure that the U.S. be held up as human rights violators if they didn't get their way to be let in for nothing - and now they're getting away with it?

Wreck U.S. property, pay nothing? Force the use of pricey tear gas and probably officer overtime, get no bill? How many of us are free to trash U.S. property and cause a smelly ruckus and not be charged for it? One set of laws for them, another set for us? The Border Patrol cited a bunch of runny, melted excuses for this idiocy by claiming that some of the 42 illegal border chargers had medical conditions and others had kids to take care of. Kids. It's always the kids. Is there nothing kids can't get you released from, no matter what you do? That's the message that's going out now.

It boggles the mind, because President Trump had so firmly stated that no illegal entry would be tolerated and illegal border crossers would not get through. There is the silver lining that the illegal border chargers "may be deported" but the conditionality of that raises some red flags. One hopes they will be deported - and never allowed back in, given their contempt for U.S. law.

What we have now is word out to the 6,000-strong, wet, muddy, cold Tijuana migrant camp that charging the border is a consequence-free proposition and those who do it get in while those who don't do it stay wet and cold and wait. What's more, kids are a bonus, a shield against any legal consequences, given the administration's fears of how the press will play it, loaded with tears and treacle.

Unless the Trump administration comes out very loudly and firmly to say that the only reason they aren't being charged is to get them thrown out, the U.S. comes out looking like a roundheels. What's more, it's lousier than the Mexican government, which had no trouble busting and deporting lawbreakers who made trouble right there on the spot. Tijuana doesn't tolerate this crap -- but America does.

Here's another disgusting coda to suggest that the dysfunction is back: Remember the Honduran woman who told a television camera that donated Mexican tortillas and beans were "pig food"? Someone let her in to the U.S., (I can't tell from the news reports thus far if she was one of the 42 but the indicators say she was not) given that she's successfully convinced authorities she's now in danger in Mexico. Way to go, insult Mexican food, get a free ticket to the states. The other migrants are watching and taking note. One can only hope she's thrown out faster than she can put on her designer duds for Instagram.

Bad stuff. We Americans are owed an explanation.

Image credit: Screengrab, Washington Post on YouTube

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