The media has a thing against truthful reporting, starting with immigration

Yesterday, the walking, talking, puppets in the media campaigning for Democrats had a collective cow because President Trump put out a truthful ad out on Twitter talking about how lenient Democrats are to illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

Almost in complete unison, the press immediately compared that to another ad it didn't like, an incidentally truthful ad, about Willie Horton, a convicted murder who got weekend passes from prison and murdered again.

Somehow, to the sycophant journalists, that is unfair.

If journalists actually cared about despicable ads that gin up racial hate and division, they would go after non-fact based ads that Democrats have run, showing a black man dragging behind a truck, and ads talking about churches exploding if Republicans are elected. But they don’t talk about those ads even though such ads were more recent than the Horton ad. They don't because those ads just don’t fit their agenda.

This is the 30-year-old Willie Horton ad everybody is talking about:

There are attack ads, and then there are Willie Horton-type attack ads.

It's a name given to political advertisements that blatantly stoke racial fears and stereotypes. They're a tried-and-true way to paint a political opponent as being soft on crime. And a lot of time they work.

President Trump is hoping that he gets similar results for a web video, produced for his campaign, that he tweeted out Wednesday. Many are already calling it the most racist national political ad to come out in 30 years -- since Willie Horton.

Here's another:

Trump’s racist ad shows how low Republicans have sunk

And another:


At some point, black voters are going to rebel against racist ploys to keep them in their place--safe in the clutches of the Democratic Party. But Al Gore and Joe Lieberman are hoping that it won't be this year--which is why they aren't saying much about the despicable NAACP ads running against George W. Bush. The ads, in grainy black and white, show a pickup truck with a chain dragging across a dirt road. The voice-over is by Renee Mullins, the daughter of James Byrd, a black man dragged to his death two years ago chained to a pickup in Jasper, Texas.

But as loathsome as the lynching ad is, it's nothing new. For the last two national elections, Democrats and their allies have successfully increased black voter participation in key races through fear and deception.

As the Weekly Standard reported after the 1998 campaign, ads aimed at blacks warned "When you don't vote, you let another church explode. When you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. .

Isn't that something?

Look at how the media tries to gin up hate against Trump by claiming the president is anti-Semitic.

A man who hates Trump goes in and shoots up a synagogue and the media along with other Democrats blame Trump.

Trump kept his promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Congress, almost in unison -- Clinton, Bush and Obama -- also made this same promise and didn’t do it, but somehow Trump is anti-Jew.

Trump is trying to rein in Iran, which pledges death to Israel and America, yet Trump is anti-Semitic.

Obama did not keep his promise to the Jewish people to move the embassy and did whatever he could to build up Iran (which is tremendously dangerous to Israel) and not once did I see the media call Obama anti-Jew.

Obama and several other Democrats hang around with Lou Farrakhan and do not denounce his anti-Semitic speech and hate for Jews yet the media doesn’t call the Democrats anti-Jew. But somehow Trump is?

Obama even misused taxpayer money to spy on and try to influence the election in Israel, and the media and other Democrats didn’t care. Remember this?

The ACLJ has just obtained new documents showing the Obama State Department misled Members of Congress about taxpayer funding going to an organization that was attempting to unseat the government of our ally Israel.

I can see why the media and other Democrats always play the race card to gin up racial division and hate. Democrats have run essentially the same campaign for decades to divide the country as they and the supposed journalists pretend they want to unite us. They certainly do not want to talk about their sanctuary city and state policies, which aren’t popular. They also do not want to talk about the success of Trump’s economic policies and how disastrous the socialist economic policies they are proposing will be.

Almost all supposed news reporting today is slanted towards helping Democrats and destroying Republicans, especially Trump.

I am one hundred percent sure that this is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned when the press got so much special recognition in the First Amendment.