The mask is off: Democrats get right to work to impeach Trump

Having taken back the House, Democrats aren't waiting around to get seated. They're getting down to business, and sorry, voters, it's not the moderate legislation with Medicare fixes they ran on. Nope, they're out to Get Trump. Mike Allen of Axios quotes an insider who describes a coming "subpoena cannon:" House Democrats plan to probe every aspect of President Trump’s life and work, from family business dealings to the Space Force to his tax returns to possible "leverage" by Russia, top Democrats tell us.  What they're saying: One senior Democratic source said the new majority, which takes power in January, is preparing a "subpoena cannon," like an arena T-shirt cannon.  Based on our reporting and other public sources, Axios' Zach Basu has assembled a list of at least 85 potential Trump-related subpoena targets for the new majority. (See the list.) So they're going to go for...(Read Full Post)
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