Democrats' playbook of dirty tricks is getting old, very old...

The Democratic playbook of dirty tricks is getting so, so, so old.

First the Blasey/Kavanaugh show, which was a redux of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas show. Now the Florida recount, which ecrudescences, well, the 2000 Florida recount. Are Democrats so out of ideas they can't come up with new dirty tricks?

It's just getting amazingly predictable what they are capable of pulling.

Having lost two or three close elections in Arizona and Florida, all of a sudden, they are "finding" new ballots and attempting to change the outcome. Just like they did in Florida's 2000 election.

In Arizona, boxes and boxes of uncounted ballots are somehow turning up, quite unlike in the rest of the country where the vote tallies get done and the state moves on, all because the losing candidate, far-left congresswoman and Code Pink activist, Kyrsten Sinema, seems to have narrowly lost to Republican congresswoman and fighter pilot Martha McSally for the vacant Senate seat. Never mind that Arizona is a generally red state and the late Sen. John McCain who vacated the seat was a moderate Republican. Never mind that McSally comes fairly close to fitting into that military/moderate template, which would presage the outcome we see. And on the other side, never mind that the candidate was bad: crazy suddenly trying to act respectable tends not to win. Sinema was a tremendously flawed candidate with a far-left past, with mistakes quite comparable to those that sank past GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell, and yet somehow, she's supposed to be the winner? Only if new ballot boxes are "discovered."

Which suddenly, they are.

Over in Florida, it's the same thing, only worse. In Broward County, suddenly there's a problem counting votes. Never mind that every other county could count its votes according to specifications, Broward not only flunked, it only flunks whenever there's a close election and a Democrat is losing. And strangely, the found ballots only go in the direction of the Democratic candidates. The person in charge of this fiasco is the same Democrat who was responsible for these other irregularities, according to ABC Local 10:

In the November 2016 general election, a small number of ballots were mailed to voters without the state's medical marijuana referendum. Then, during the primary election months earlier, early results were posted about 30 minutes before polls closed, violating state law.

Earlier this year a circuit court judge ruled that Snipes broke federal and state law by too quickly destroying ballots from the August 2016 primaries, even though there was a pending lawsuit seeking access to the ballots.

Threw away ballots to give the election to a Democrat? Posted early results to sway the other voters? I think we already know what Snipes's ethics are like. This is obviously a crook who doesn't belong near a ballot counting station.

Almost as disturbing is that the lawyer leading the Senate-race recount effort (which is different from the first-count effort going on in Broward) for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, which is actually legal under Florida law in close elections, is none other than Marc Elias, the Democrat lawyer tied to the famous "pee dossier." According to Breitbart News:

Marc Elias, the attorney who infamously retained Fusion GPS to produce the largely discredited anti-Trump dossier on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, has been retained to represent Sen. Bill Nelson’s recount efforts in Florida.

The Florida Senate race is likely headed to a recount after late reporting from Broward County lowered Gov. Rick Scott’s lead to about 17,000 votes, meaning the election is within the .25% margin necessary to require a hand recount.  The race has already reached the 0.5 percent threshold to require a machine recount.

I think we know what his ethics are like, too.

Florida. Recount. Democrats.

The whole thing reeks of 2000, that era of Bill Clinton who summed his philosophy up as: "Well, we'll just have to win, then" led off by the Florida recount back when Al Gore was trying to get recounts of recounts until he could get the total he wanted for president.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and Democrats are still playing the same playbook, as if Americans wouldn't remember.

It comes just as we've just gotten past the Democrat sheet-show over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, where phony allegations of sexual harassment were cooked up for a last-minute bid to sink the nomination, following Democrats' failure to sink it on "advice and consent" alone.

That was a recrudescence of the playbook the Democrats cooked up on Anita Hill in the late 1990s over the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination.

Like we wouldn't remember that, either.

'It's not over until the illegal wins,' which is another Democrat-supported production.

Bush Derangement Syndrome is now Trump Derangement Syndrome.

She Persisted.

All of these things are suggestive of a party unable to take 'no' for an answer, and thus, unable to adapt to democracy itself. Democrats are reacting to everything they don't win with childish tantrums, and in each case, trying to move back the clock for a do-over.

Yet they're using a really old playbook, not new stuff.

As a party, they are run by gerontocrats, and their beloved socialism has failed in practice, so maybe they've run out of ideas.

But it's significant that they are using the same sleights of hand they used 20 years ago, and thinking we're fools who'll fall for it. They aren't even coming up with new kinds of dirty tricks, they are just replaying the old ones, hoping for a different result.

This has just got to fail in the era of Trump because one can only go to the well once in politics. Democrats' latest trick shows they think it's an open bar.  


Image credit: Eddie Dangerous, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0