Stunning Planned Parenthood ad

Sometimes I wonder if I am living on the same planet as true blue progressives. Planned Parenthood has released a video ad that appeals to emotions that I simply cannot fathom. The association of the images with the underlying message  is so wrong, so  contrary to the emotional responses normal people have to the sight of an infant, that it seems to be aimed at at a psychotic audience. Evolution (progs love the concept, and even sometimes sport a Darwin bumper sticker to proclaim so) has dictated that cute, happy babies evoke a desire to protect them.

Screen grab

If we, as a species, were indifferent to these helpless creatures, the organism would not be able to reproduce and flourish, and would go the way of the dinosaurs.   

Mindy Robinson tweeted a response that shows she is a normal, healthy human being:



Hat tip: The Right Scoop